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The Talented People of the Berkshires

At Brown's Lock Shop, we are often overwhelmed when reflecting on all of the wonderful and talented people we meet.  Just recently in Berkshire County, we were at a personal toy Museum. What a wonderful and impressive collection!  Last week, we were standing among local, master jewelry makers who created stunning pieces of gold, silver, and platinum.  How humbling it can be when you have been a welder and a metal fabricator for 40 years.

There are so many talented people that we are fortunate enough to meet, working out of their basements while doing wonderful crafts.  Making hunting blades, making parts for Norton motorcycles to race, making coal fired miniature trains, grinding glass to make telescopes lenses, creating beautiful quilts and dresses, to the black smith making railing, the handmade boats, and the wonderful vegetable gardens that so many people grow.  It really is all just amazing, and we are so grateful to encounter the various hard-working, imaginative, and truly unique people that all call the Berkshires home.