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Summertime Safety Tips

We have shared tips and tricks for burglary prevention before, and we're back again for more!  Studies have shown that the summertime is the most common season in which many people fall victim to home break-ins. So while the weather may not seem like it today (go away, rain!), summer is in fact upon us and we want all of our customers to remain safe and aware of their home safety.

One of the most common and increasingly popular features on social media platforms is the ability to share your location or "check in" to any store, town, game, and much more.  Revealing your location, especially if it clearly shows that you are far away or on vacation, can be a potential risk and a green light for someone who may follow you online and have bad intentions.  We suggest keeping a lower profile on social media, though we know how tempting it can be to keep everyone in the loop about where you are, especially if there's a cool picture to go along with it..

Another common practice that all of us have probably done, is hiding a house key somewhere outside in close vicinity to your front door.  Sure it is more convenient, sure it prevents you from having to keep track of that pesky key, but it is also one of the first efforts a burglar is likely to pursue if he/she knows that you are not home and your residence is vacant.  An intruder can be smart; they will skim through any planter, look under any mat, above an door or under any rock if there is the slight chance that a key is hidden there.  Instead, keep a key on your key chain and offer a close friend or family member to hold onto a copy as well.

The list of tips goes on and on! We hope these points are ones that every person finds valuable and will practice.  Your safety is always number one!