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Spring Cleaning!

We can't believe it, but the weather is finally shifting from cold, snowy days to ones with the smell of spring in the air!  While we aren't necessarily ready to throw on our shorts just yet, we do know that it is about that time for everyone to get their hands dirty and really get going on their spring cleaning.

It is inevitable that over the course of the long winter months our homes and offices have gathered up a fair share of dirt and dust.  Nothing is better than finally wiping down and cleaning out each room, cracking open the windows and letting that fresh air flow through.  However, we always like to remind our customers to double check each door and window to ensure that all latch properly.  The harsh winter weather can sometimes cause damage to the exterior of a home or building, and it is important to make sure that your window screens, sliding doors, and more are all shutting and locking properly. 

If you are a business owner, go ahead and spend some time thoroughly checking your security cameras (should you have them) as well.  Make sure all lenses are clear and cleaned and each camera is functioning properly.  All electronics can always use a little TLC too!

Happy Spring, everyone! We look forward to enjoying to warmer days in the Berkshires, and we look most forward to helping you with your locksmith needs!