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So long, Summer!

Another summer season has come and gone and though we may all miss the hot, sunny days, we can't deny that Autumn brings our area some one-of-a-kind foliage and all of those great fall feels!

While you're prepping for the cooler days and another holiday season, remember to check your homes and properties to ensure that all of your windows and doors are able to shut and lock in the appropriate fashion.   It is easy for an older lock or a poorly installed door to let in a significant draft when that cold weather breeze comes through.  You'd be surprised to know how many people spend more than they need to on heat due to those sneaky, unwanted drafts coming through unfastened entrances.

Plus, with the holidays on the way, you want to make sure your home (and those secret gift hiding spots) are all locked securely!  We always want each of our clients to feel safe and confident that their homes, family, and belongings and under safe lock and key.

Call us today if you are in need of our services.  Happy Fall!