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Rental Property Lock & Key Replacements

Attention Rental Property Owners!

Have you recently purchased real estate for rental purposes and are in need of locksmiths services?  We can help!  Brown's Lock Shop has years of experience assisting real estate owners with lock & key replacements for recently purchased buildings.

Just a few weeks ago, we helped a new rental property owner who had several buildings in need of new locks and keys.  Properties where tenants, especially college students, have lived and fail to keep track of keys, replace locks themselves, or duplicate keys for others, are quite common and can lead to issues for the landlord once they have vacated the building.  It is always important to be sure that when you are renting a multiple unit building, you keep track of each individual lock and key, and make sure that only the renter is in possession of their and only their individual key(s) for entrance into the building and their unit.

If you need to correct any issues in your rental property, give us a call!  We can duplicate and create keys right on site as well!  We strive to help out each and every customer in the best and most timely manner, and we want all rental property owners to be left with safe and secure units for each of their tenants.