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Quality of the big box stores.

Let’s talk Quality.  This is an endless subject.  No matter what you are purchasing. Anything from a automobile insurance policy to an aircraft and everything in between.  We have all been there,  You are coved for everything sitting in front of your insurances agent until something happens.   I’m sure we can all agree with that.

I have been working in all the trades for almost 4 decades as a millwright and a construction supervisor and I still can be fooled.

While shopping at a big box stores I go there with this mind set,   what I buy will get me through.  I don’t care if it’s a cooper pipe. Door hardware, ladder, facet, windows, car parts, anything,   it’s a cheaper quality.   Then going to a real lumber yard, plumbing supply, auto parts store, or locksmith,

This is what the big box stores do, they have so much buying power they call manufactures and tell them what they’re going to pay for that item. So the manufactures meet that price by lowering the quality of their product. Internal plastic parts, less cross bracing, lower quality of wood, many tricks are available to them.    

What does this mean to you??  It comes down to Quality of life and your safety.  Personally I don’t like fixing my own car, or repairing my own facet.  But I have too like many of you.  I don’t have the time to fix these problems.  I don’t want to even fix it once,  I certainly  do not want to do it  twice, Because I bought the cheapest part I could find. 

This logic goes towards lock hardware as well. Which I see all the time.  Cheap hardware that fails because of internal plastic parts from big boxes stores.   The locks and hardware I sell will not have mechanical plastic parts. It’s all steel construction with a manufacturing warranty, Backed up by Brown’s lock shop.  A little more cost in parts will make a big difference in your family’s safety and peace of mind.   Always quality,  and quality workmanship.

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