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New Keys? Yes Please!

We've helped so many customers re-enter their vehicles after misplacing their keys, but we've also gone a step ahead by creating spares for those who need a backup handy.  If you are like so many of us out there that spend an annoying amount of time retracing your steps and trying to remember where you last placed your car key, it is always a plus to have a second copy in a safe (and constant!) place should you be scrambling to get out the door to go somewhere.  Even if you want another spare for your spouse, or if you run a business with employees who use company vehicles, it is never a bad idea to have Brown's Lock Shop duplicate your keys for convenience and peace of mind.  While we always encourage our customers to be mindful of their keys of all kinds, we know that life gets busy and the days get hectic and sometimes we all just forget.  So let us help you and call today for a quote!