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More Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

We're back with more tips and tricks to help keep your home and your family safe!

1. Spring is almost here! This means that we will be sliding open those doors and cracking those windows to let that fresh, clean air flow through our homes.  Just be sure to keep those screen doors and window screens down and locked if you are planning to leave your home for a brief period of time (longer exists from your house means you should always fully close and lock those windows and doors; better safe than sorry!).

2. Keep your landscaping trimmed and your lawn mowed! Overgrown grass, ivy, etc. are a quick indicator that you may be away from your home for an extended amount of time.  Unshoveled and snow filled walkways and driveways are an easy sign as well, so throw your neighbor a couple bucks and ask them to help you out while you are out of town.

3. Purchase affordable light timers for outside of your house.  Keeping your home lit at night makes it less inviting for a potential invader.  Be sure to use florescent bulbs to keep energy costs down!

4. Load up your car quickly and discretely if possible (we suggest throwing your luggage into your car while parked in your garage) to avoid unwanted exposure from any suspicious passerby.  The less attention the better!

Do you have tips or tricks that you use? Tell us! We love to hear new, clever ideas that help keep our customers safe.  Contact us today with any lock and key questions or for any other locksmith needs.