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Keypad Entry

I have been receiving questions about electronic key pad entry locks.   The use of keypad locks are becoming more common with residential   and more so with commercial properties.   To start with the major benefit is the lack of keys you have to carry.  Or the lost key , Or a stolen key.  It’s nearly impossible for criminals to break into your home by manipulation of the lock since only trusted individuals have the custom code.  Which also brings up a great feature by programming custom codes.  With some keypads you can program many codes so you can assign different codes to many people.  Allowing the Owner to know when a person has opened that door.  

There are many keypad locks on the market today.  It’s important to stay with a company that provides professional Brands from a Professional locksmith service.  (Not big box stores were the manufacturer has to meet a price point.)   More on that later!

Living in the North East has it difficulties. These locks need to be protected somewhat from the weather and environmental chemicals (road salt.)  In most cases a storm door is fine for this task.  Another consideration is the battery life and replacing it before it fails.   With these few points in mind you should enjoy many years with a keypad entry lock.  For anymore questions - contact us now!