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Is that you, Spring?!

Can you believe that spring is finally here tomorrow?! It's been a long time coming and though the weather could be warmer, it is always a great feeling to know winter is finally on the way out.

Spring is tends to be a time where we find ourselves doing some much needed cleaning and oftentimes also some home repairs.  Who doesn't want their house in tip top shape for warmer days?! This is a great time to review the condition of your doors and windows, and to be aware of any updates that might need to be made.  The wear and tear of cold winter weather can impact the durability of your windows, locks and door latches, especially if they are of lower quality or very aged.  We have seen doors impacted by circumstances like the brutal windstorms that recently impacted the area, pulling sliding or swinging doors from their structure and damaging entrances.

If you find yourself dealing with any of these circumstances, simply call us!  We provide fast, reliable lock & key replacement and installation services throughout the Berkshires and beyond.  We thank all of our loyal customers and wish you all a Happy Spring!