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Have You Asked About Our Quarterly Maintenance Plan?

Life doesn't slow down much these days and we know how busy your schedule can be, especially when you are a business owner and/or manage a building.  The day in and day out list of things to do adds up quickly, which often means other less frequented and important things can be overlooked.  This is where we bring up your alarm systems and building's safety!

While we have offered this extremely convenient service for quite a while, we also know that it is beneficial to share an occasional reminder about our Quarterly Maintenance Plan for commercial and industrial clients. Brown's Lock Shop & Maintenance strives to ensure that each and every client owns or works in a building where all alarms, door locks, and hardware are in fully functioning, prime condition.  Our plan becomes so helpful because of our dedication to visiting your location on a quarterly basis, giving you the best review of your facility's hardware and keeping you protected.

We create a log book for each unit, clean and lubricate the internal parts, make sure it functions properly then install a new battery. If we find any broken or damaged parts we notify management, and quote the price of the repair. Facilities on our service plan will never pay a service call or trip charge to repair a broken alarm. 

You only pay for required parts and labor, and you are left with a set, scheduled maintenance plan that will protect your business.

Interested in setting up your Quarterly Maintenance Plan? Contact us today! We look forward to continuing to provide the best and most reliable locksmith services throughout the Berkshires.