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Did You Know?

Have you ever seen or used a key that says "Do Not Duplicate" on it?  Well, these keys are duplicated all the time!  Many people will take these keys to a hardware store and have several copies made.

If you are looking for a highly secure lock and key that cannot be replicated, we can help.  Often times when a landlord, property owner, or another individual is seeking to install a new lock and key system, it becomes very important to ensure that only that specific key remains the one that allows entry.  In cases such as having tenants, they may take one of their keys and have copies made for other friends or family.  This creates a risk for the property owner as well as the tenant, as the last thing you want to happen is for that key to get into the wrong hands.

Avoid any risk and be sure to purchase the right type of lock and key; we can provide a variety of options and of course, we can install this option for you!