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Are You Buying a New Home?

Are you currently in the process of purchasing a new home? Well if you are, congrats! But don't forget to ensure that you are going to be 100% safe when you move in.  While the whole process of moving can be exhausting, the final act of settling in is full of excitement.  You've got a new house and new surroundings, so there is obviously a lot of tasks and things to do on your mind; make sure that your LOCKS are one of them!

While you may have perfectly functioning locks and keys in your new home upon your arrival, it is not uncommon for buyers to take the extra step and effort and go ahead and change out all locks after purchase.  The reason is simple, you can never be absolutely certain that there is not another key out there in someone's possession either from a previous owner, a real estate agent, a groundskeeper, etc.  Keys are often duplicated for various reasons, so it is often times best to eliminate any possibility of someone else accessing your home in the future and starting with a clean, secure slate.

If you are in need of new locks & keys, door hardware replacement or any other locksmith services, we welcome you to give Brown's Lock Shop & Maintenance of Pittsfield, MA a call! We always guarantee prompt, reliable and trustworthy services that will keep you and your home safe.