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Are You Being a Good Neighbor?

We have discussed a wide variety of home security and safety tips to help keep you safe, but what about the safety of your neighbors?

Here is a friendly reminder to be mindful of those who live around you; whether it be the apartment upstairs or the house next door, there are always people and things you will see in your neighborhood on a regular basis, so what should you do when something seems out of whack?

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, we always suggest speaking with them about keeping an eye out for each other, especially when you know the other one may be away on business, vacation, or for another extended period of time.  Will someone be by to mow the lawn? Is a family member stopping to feed the cats or get the mail? Tell each other! That way you will know if there seems to be an unwanted intruder or if you notice any other commotion or actions in or around the house that may end in a burglary or break-in.

The little things truly become the biggest help sometimes.  Brown's Lock Shop & Maintenance encourages you and your fellow neighbors to look out for each other!  And, as always, we hope you will give us a call should you find yourself in need of any lock repair, key replacement or other locksmith services.